March, 2010

Capt. Rodney booked our trip at the last minute and made sure we had a good time. The tackle that was provided was great and the fishing was fantastic. I would definitely recommend Bent Rod Guide Services to any one who wants to go bass fishing in the Orlando area.

Dave Quade

April 27, 2010

Hey Rodney. Thanks again for the excellent guide service. You were very friendly on the phone and easy to contact. You assessed my fishing level and tailored the trip to accommodate me and my needs. I know fishing was slow and the conditions weren't perfect, but you did everything feasible to hook me up on some fish and I appreciate that. I also learned a lot as well. I will call again when I'm in the area. Thanks again!

Scott Kramer

March 10 & 11, 2010

Thanks for two great days of fishing.  Every one who has seen the 8 pounder has been rightly impressed.

Chuck Shultz

March, 2009

My trip to Florida was the first trip that I actually paid for and wasn't a gift from relatives on the holidays and the money was well worth it. I normally don't like going on guided fishing trips because the guides are usually all about the money. I've been on about five or six guided fishing trips for various species like pike and musky up in Canada and salmon and steel-head in northern Michigan and trout in central Michigan and you were definitely the best guide as far as keeping us on the fish, knowing when to be serious, knowing when to have fun, and really giving an all around great experience on the water. The fishing was so good I could actually ignore the thousands of bugs that were covering my shirt, which I'm not used to while fishing in Michigan. Thanks again and keep in touch.

Kevin Karas

March, 2009

Hey Rod. I wanted to personally thank you for the enjoyable guided fishing trip last Wednesday.  My brother (Michael) and I had a rewarding and memorable day on Lake Toho. Thank you again.

Joshua Johnson

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